My name is Rae. I’m a 25 year old Peace Corps education volunteer which basically means I teach small humans how to speak English in a rural village in Thailand– or I try to, rather.

I am writing this blog to help process some of my experiences here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Certainly I am writing in part to assure my friends and family back home that I am alive and doing about as well as anyone else, but it is my intention to showcase my experiences more fully than a person typically does with a blog– I want people to see that this is not as glamorous as social media may suggest. There are peaks and valleys. There are really shitty days, weeks, and even months. This is all part of what it means to be human– I hope you find something relatable here.

Feel free to reach about anything related to the Peace Corps application process– it’s a beast of a thing and if I can offer you some support, I would love to.